Higher Education Budgeting

Getting Off the Higher Education Finance See-Saw

A college education is one of the best investments a California family can make. A diploma from one of our public universities remains one of the greatest opportunities many families have to make a good living and contribute to a prosperous future. Many Read more >

Underrepresented Students Get Hit Hardest When Public University Access is Cut

Low-income and first-generation college students are California’s future. Most come from racial/ethnic groups that have been underrepresented in higher education—and they are the majority of high school graduates today. But recent increases in enrollment and degree completion among historically underrepresented groups are not happening Read more >
A multi-ethnic group of college age students are studying together outside on cement steps on a beautiful sunny day.

Better Higher Education Budgeting for Student Access and Success

Are 1960s-era state-agency budgeting practices hobbling smarter decisions that could make room for California’s next generation of students? Higher education finance in California needs to be reformed, and reforming the way budgets are built is a good place to start. Despite huge changes Read more >

Why Do Metrics Matter?

Nothing seems to make eyes glaze over faster than the discussion of measurement and data metrics. For someone working outside the world of data this topic can appear dry and technical; however, metrics are crucial to our basic understanding of how our public Read more >