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Welcome to Opportunity Forum with College Futures, a conversation space for innovators and influencers to discuss emerging issues and equity solutions in and around public higher education. Eloy Ortiz Oakley, president & CEO of College Futures Foundation, hosts.


Episode Seven

The What and Why of Governor Newsom’s Career Education Executive Order

With the Newsom Administration in its final term, it’s time for all of us to come together and reengineer inherited education systems that were not built for our students and families to succeed, says Ben Chida, the governor’s senior advisor for Cradle to Career. Chida stopped by Opportunity Forum with College Futures to discuss Governor Newsom’s latest executive order on career education and his plan to leverage billions of dollars in investments to prepare learners for the workforce of tomorrow. Eloy Ortiz Oakley, president & CEO of College Futures Foundation, hosts.   This episode was recorded on October 18, 2023.   Read more >


Episode Six

Courageously Advancing Racial Equity Post-SCOTUS

How does the work to advance racial equity continue after the latest SCOTUS rulings on race-conscious admissions? Host Eloy Ortiz Oakley discusses lessons learned under Prop 209, today’s legal climate, and opportunities for higher education leaders and advocates with Thuy Thi Nguyen, partner at Garcia Hernández Sawhney, and Jessie Ryan, executive vice president at The Campaign for College Opportunity. Read more >


Episode Five

What’s Next for the California State University? A Conversation with Interim CSU Chancellor Dr. Jolene Koester

Host Eloy Ortiz Oakley continues his conversation series with the current leaders of California’s public higher education systems. On this episode of Opportunity Forum with College Futures, Eloy and Dr. Jolene Koester, interim chancellor of the California State University, discuss enrollment trends across the 23-campus system, expanding access for transfer students and adult learners, and the CSU’s commitment to hiring and supporting diverse leaders. This episode was recorded on June 2, 2023. Read more >


Episode Four

What’s Next for the University of California? A Conversation with UC President Dr. Michael Drake

On this episode of Opportunity Forum with College Futures, host Eloy Ortiz Oakley sits down with Dr. Michael V. Drake, president of the University of California. Hear President Drake’s thoughts on expanding enrollment and transfer opportunities for Californians of all backgrounds, addressing total cost of attendance, improving postsecondary faculty and leader diversity, supporting student mental health, and other priorities as he enters his fourth year as president of the 155-year-old public university system. Read more >


Episode Three

Taking Responsibility for College Student Mental Health

On this episode of “Opportunity Forum with College Futures,” we ask and answer the question: Who is responsible for addressing college student mental health? Guest host Dr. April Yee, College Futures’ holistic student support and mental health lead, is joined by Dr. Tiffany Herbert, the associate vice president for health & well-being at CSU, Dominguez Hills and Dr. Lindsay Pérez Huber, an acclaimed researcher and professor at CSU, Long Beach, and co-author of College Futures’ new report titled “Degrees of Distress: How Higher Education Institutions Hurt and Help Student Mental Health.” Read more >


Episode Two

The Pursuit of a Living Wage: Career and Technical Education’s Role in Upward Mobility

Interest in Career and Technical Education programs is surging across the country; learners of all backgrounds are looking for viable, debt-free paths to in-demand careers with high earning potential and employers are searching for ways to meet their evolving needs. The nation’s leaders are heeding the call by investing billions to establish, strengthen, and expand career exploration and skill-building opportunities across the K-14 pipeline. Host Eloy Ortiz Oakley and CTE expert Peter Taylor, former president of ECMC Foundation, discuss all matters CTE on this episode of Opportunity Forum with College Futures.  Read more >

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