Grants Database

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Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation

To support modernization and expansion of the CSU Fullerton Faculty Student Success Dashboard at five CSU campuses and facilitate potential adoption at California Community Colleges.

Community College League of California

To develop and provide sustained, DEI-focused, professional learning opportunities for California community college CEOs and trustees.

Motivate Lab

Support the pre-work for a state funded project providing professional development in growth mindset and belonging for math and English faculty working to adopt and improve corequisite supports.

OneFuture Coachella Valley

To provide catalytic support to launch an Executive Leadership Roundtable, in service of strengthening students’ transitions from college to careers and socioeconomic mobility.

Public Policy Institute of California

To provide flexible support for the Public Policy Institute of California’s Higher Education Center’s research, publications, and outreach.

San Diego State University Research Foundation

To provide supplemental resources for the Student Equity Planning Institute & Action project.

Tides Center

Provide bridge funding to (1) extend the LEARN Community of Practice by one semester; (2) fund a Wheelhouse report that documents insights from LEARN; and (3) prepare to launch a new network of colleges to institutionalize Ascend CoPs in a sustainable way.


To support organizational capacity building and infrastructure during a critical moment of programmatic growth.


This grant will allow the ACCJC to implement a CRM system that will increase technological capacity, streamline data collection and analysis and will improve the Commission’s ability to promote equitable student achievement.