Grants Database

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American Association of Community Colleges

To support SOVA for a 5-year project designed to disrupt the structures impacting transfer students in the status quo, revolutionize credit mobility, and dramatically improve student experiences and outcomes.

Berkeley City College

Sunset grant to continue refining and delivering equitable dual enrollment focused on college completion and informing policy and best practices in the state.


To support Braven’s capacity to expand their support of equitible student career trajectories and greater social mobility, through expanded partnerships, policy and advocacy efforts, and partner convenings.

Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation

Sunset grant to support the final scaling phase of Graduate365 (formerly, the Student Success Dashboard) to all campuses in the California State University System.

California Community Foundation

Support the Youth Thriving through Learning Fund in partnership with the Stuart Foundation.

California Competes

To provide general operating support for California Competes to conduct its equity-focused higher education policy research and advocacy.

California State University San Marcos Corporation

Support for seven CSU campuses to work together to remove barriers to transfer student success.

California State University, San Diego

To support two annual convenings of the Student Equity and Action Project for 17 California Community Colleges working to align Guided Pathways implementation and college Equity Plan priorities.

Campaign for College Opportunity

To provide general operating support for Campaign for College Opportunity to conduct its equity-focused higher education policy research and advocacy.

Community Initiatives

A sunset grant to support Just Equations to promote math policies that are evidenced based, aligned across systems, and support rigorous high quality math pathways that lead to equitable college completion, and monitor implementation of these policies to ensure equity.