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Partnering for Impact: Propelling the Movement for an Equitable Higher Education System

In 2020, College Futures Foundation launched a Policy and Advocacy Ecosystem (Policy Ecosystem) strategy intended to strengthen an ecosystem of grantee organizations working to improve equity in California’s higher education system and foster valuable connections among these organizations. Over the course of four years, the Policy Ecosystem brought 15 nonprofit organizations together to cultivate interactions, Read more >

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Collaboration, Not Competition: Shifting Philanthropic Approaches to Movement Building for Equity

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing inequities and brought about monumental new challenges for California’s students and educational institutions. In May 2020, College Futures Foundation virtually convened a group of nine grantee organizations seeking space to make sense of the pandemic’s early impact on postsecondary students and systems. Over the following months, as the pandemic deepened inequities in students’ lives and reinforced the need for responsive policy intervention, the Foundation reconsidered how its state policy-focused grantmaking strategy could serve as a vehicle to support movement-building in higher education in California. Read more >

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Supporting Student Success Together

In 2021, in response to the long-standing high rates of college student basic needs insecurity that were exacerbated by the pandemic, College Futures Foundation funded 5 community-based organizations (CBOs) – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County and the Inland Empire, Rise Student Navigator Network, OneFuture Coachella Valley, Braven, and United Way Bay Area – partnering with California higher education institutions to provide holistic student supports. College Futures then engaged Education Northwest, an education research and evaluation firm, in a learning project to examine the capacities, conditions, and strategies necessary to form successful partnerships between CBOs and higher education institutions. Read more >

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Understanding the Path to Economic Mobility for California’s Learners

California boasts the fifth largest economy in the world and is a national model for progress and equity in many ways. Despite this prosperity, California struggles with some of the highest levels of income inequality in the country. How can higher education serve as a pathway for the lowest income Californians and their families to Read more >

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Golden Opportunities: Measuring Return on Investment in California Higher Education for Low- and Moderate-Income Learners

At College Futures Foundation, we believe that aligning postsecondary education for economic mobility is an important piece of the puzzle if we want a robust, inclusive economy in California. We also believe that when learners spend their time and money on a postsecondary education, they should see a return on investment (ROI). Yet, ROI measures Read more >

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Student Visions for Change Ideation Challenge

The Student Visions for Change challenge was a statewide call for proposals from California Community College (CCC) students on how community colleges can transform themselves to serve students better. The challenge requested submissions for three categories: Transformed Classrooms, Transformed Educators, and Transformed Support Resources for Students. Along with the CCC, we are excited to uplift Read more >


T.E.A. with College Futures featuring Dr. Su Jin Jez

Welcome to T.E.A. with College Futures, a monthly feature dedicated to Talking Equity in Action with grantees, partners, and College Futures Foundation staff. Each month, we’ll highlight efforts addressing inequities in and around higher education and related to socio-economic mobility, and seek learnings and inspirations directly from changemakers. California Competes In August of 2023, Governor Read more >


Episode Eight

Reimagining Postsecondary Education and Economic Mobility with College Futures Foundation

At College Futures Foundation, we believe that to achieve the inclusive economy and society we dream of for Californians, we must leave the status quo behind. We must reimagine the future of work and learning to unlock opportunities for economic mobility for learners in our state – an aim we aspire to accomplish through the implementation of our new strategic framework. Join Eloy Ortiz Oakley, our president & CEO, and Dr. Elizabeth González, our chief program & strategy officer, as they discuss the why behind College Futures’ shift in strategy and answer questions about the year ahead and potential partnership opportunities. Read more >