Who We Are

More graduates for a thriving California

At College Futures Foundation, we believe in the power of postsecondary opportunity. We believe that securing the postsecondary success of learners facing the most formidable barriers will ensure that all of us can thrive—our communities, our economy, and our state. We believe that the equitable education system of the future, one that enables every learner to achieve their dreams and participate in an inclusive and robust economy, will be realized if we are focused, determined, and active in our leadership and partnership.  

We also know thathe past few years have brought profound shifts in California’s education and workforce landscapes — including college enrollment declines alongside high demand for affordable, career-connected training, national conversations on student debt and mental health, and numerous other changes prompted or accelerated by COVID-19 and a nationwide racial reckoning. These changes have underscored the realities of how inequitably our systems center and serve diverse people. We know that the coming years will present equally significant challenges and opportunities, and that we must be well-prepared to meet these moments. 

Ensuring the college and socio-economic success of learners facing the most formidable barriers will help all of us thrive—our communities, economy, and state. 

Our Vision

We envision a California where postsecondary education advances racial, social, and economic equity, unlocking upward mobility now and for generations to come. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase postsecondary completion for learners who are underserved. We center learners and their aspirations and needs on the path to achieving their educational goals.  

Our Values

We are committed to equity and justice in our organization, our education system, and our state. Our collective well-being is improved when our society justly affords every person the dignity and opportunity we all deserve. 

We work to realize a system that creates the opportunity for all learners—including the low-income and brown and black learners who make up the majority of California’s youth—to pursue the future of their dreams through education. 

It takes courage and persistence to build a society that is equitable and just. We are inspired by the promise and potential of California’s young people—today’s learners, tomorrow’s leaders. We support bold actions that will challenge the status quo and transform our education system into one that serves the next generation’s dreams of college and beyond. 

Building a better future for California is a collective project that requires collective action. We understand that we speak among a chorus of advocates and act among a movement of champions working toward the same goal. 

We acknowledge the power and privilege afforded us as funders and strive to form thoughtful and authentic partnerships in this work. We recognize and value the strengths of our partners and our team, California’s learners, and all those working to help them realize their dreams.

We approach our work with both passion and humility. We don’t have all the answers, and our work benefits when we learn from different perspectives and experiences. We work hard to earn the trust and respect of our partners so that they share their challenges and learning with us as, together, we create the equitable education system of the future so that all learners can achieve their dreams.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At College Futures Foundation, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is paramount to our vision for advancing a racially, socially, and economically just California where generations of learners can thrive. We are committed to explicitly and collectively centering equity and fostering environments where our grantees, partners, and staff are valued and respected. Centering equity requires all of us to wrestle with our histories. At College Futures, we are reckoning with our history as the legacy of a former student loan provider. While loans can be a critical tool for making college accessible, we also acknowledge our role in contributing to an industry that has and continues to cause life-altering debt, specifically for learners we aim now to support in achieving their educational goals as a philanthropy.

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Our Work

Established in 2005, College Futures Foundation uses a wide variety of human and financial resources and tools—including nearly $20 million in grants annually—to work toward our mission. 

We collaborate with organizations and leaders across California’s postsecondary ecosystem and beyond that share a vision of equity and upward mobility for Californians. 

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