The Pursuit of a Living Wage: Career and Technical Education’s Role in Upward Mobility

Interest in Career and Technical Education programs is surging across the country; learners of all backgrounds are looking for viable, debt-free paths to in-demand careers with high earning potential and employers are searching for ways to meet their evolving needs. The nation’s leaders are heeding the call by investing billions to establish, strengthen, and expand career exploration and skill-building opportunities across the K-14 pipeline. Host Eloy Ortiz Oakley and CTE expert Peter Taylor, former president of ECMC Foundation, discuss all matters CTE on this episode of Opportunity Forum with College Futures.

Opportunity Forum with College Futures is a conversation space for innovators and influencers to discuss emerging issues and equity solutions in and around public higher education. Eloy Ortiz Oakley, president & CEO of College Futures Foundation, hosts this signature vlogcast series.