Who We Are

More college graduates for a thriving California

Our belief:

At College Futures Foundation, we believe there is nothing more transformative for individuals, our economy, and our society than educational opportunity, and that the pathway to a college degree should be clear and open to the diverse students of California.

Right now, that is not the case. Not all of our hardworking young people are getting a fair shot at a better life. The vast majority of our state’s K–12 students are of color and low-income, yet when it comes to graduates from our public universities, they are in the minority. At every step, these students face roadblocks. We are working to change that.

Our mission:

We partner with organizations and leaders across the state to catalyze systemic change, increase college degree completion, and close equity gaps so that the vision of a seamless, student-centered educational path to opportunity becomes a reality—and one that’s available to every student, regardless of zip code, skin color, or income.

The majority of California’s K-12 students are of color and low-income, but these students are a minority of graduates from California’s public universities.

By 2020, 65% of all jobs in the economy will require workers with at least some college education.

With a bachelor’s degree, one can expect to earn nearly $1 million more over a lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma – and that wage gap is widening.

Ensuring the college success of students facing the most formidable barriers will help all of us thrive—our communities, economy, and state.

Our Strategies and the Work We Support

Established in 2005, College Futures Foundation uses a wide variety of human and financial resources and tools—including nearly $20 million in grants annually—to achieve our goals.

We work in partnership with student- and equity-focused leaders and organizations throughout California to put into action our shared vision of a seamless path to a college degree and a better life.

The three elements of our strategy work together to catalyze strategic, systemic, sustainable changes so that equity of opportunity and college success become realities for low-income students of color.

  • Student-centric Practices: Our focus starts with students—helping institutions to work on being student-ready and implement student-centered practices at scale.
  • Leadership: Systems are of vital importance. Leadership must coordinate across systems to align and institutionalize student pathways to degree.
  • Finance & Affordability: A sustainable financial scaffolding around it all is essential so that doors are open and degrees are affordable to California’s diverse young people.

For more information on our strategies, visit our Strategy page.

Applying for Grants

For more information about the Foundation’s grantmaking, visit our Grant Seekers page.