For Grant Seekers

Thank you for your interest in College Futures Foundation. The Foundation currently accepts grant proposals on an invitation-only basis.

The College Futures Foundation program team identifies potential grantee partners and invites them to submit grant proposals. We continually scan the field and conduct research to identify leaders and organizations that are doing exemplary work that aligns with our goals and priorities.

We work in partnership with our grantees and employ a wide variety of human and financial resources and tools beyond traditional grantmaking to achieve our goals. We also seek to add value above and beyond a direct grant by collaborating or coordinating with other funders and organizations, bringing together grantee organizations working on common issues, or connecting organizations to technical assistance resources.

In 2018, College Futures Foundation announced a new strategic framework. This evolution of our strategy includes three interrelated strands that work together to catalyze systemic, sustainable changes so that educational and economic opportunity become realities for low-income students of color.

Student-centric Practices

Our focus starts with students—helping institutions to work on being student-ready and implement student-centered practices at scale.

Approach: Scale effective student-centered practices within and across institutions to ensure equitable student outcomes

Desired Outcome: K-12 and public higher education institutions embrace and scale student success policies and practices that ensure progress and smooth transitions between systems and segments


Systems are of vital importance. Leadership must coordinate across systems to align and institutionalize student pathways to degree.

Approach: Build commitment, capacity, and alignment across segments for equitable student outcomes through effective leadership and collaboration

Desired Outcome: California’s key leaders across segments and sectors champion policies and practices for increased and equitable student success

Finance & Affordability

A sustainable financial scaffolding around it all is essential so that doors are open and degrees are affordable to CA’s diverse young people.

Approach: Contribute to the development of a sustainable higher education finance system that supports equitable student access and success

Desired Outcome: California’s higher education finance system is redesigned to provide institutional predictability in service to student affordability and completion

We award grants to and work in partnership with leaders and organizations that share our focus on equity and student success as well as a commitment to advancing the above outcomes.

For more information, visit our Strategy page.