For various print and digital documents, grantees and partners may use these high-resolution logo files to reference the Foundation in digital and print material. This page contains our standard logo—in 4C and RGB variants—as well as transparent png versions of our logo. We ask for our organization’s name to be linked to our website, www.collegefutures.org, where possible, e.g. in digital contexts. Please note that we don’t use any acronyms for our organizational name. For public materials, please use the full name: College Futures Foundation; if you need to shorten the name upon second reference, please use College Futures or the Foundation.


RGB logo for web (EPS)

RGB logo for web, transparent (PNG)

RGB logo for web, without tagline, transparent (PNG)

4C logo for print  (JPG)

4C logo for print (EPS)

4C logo for print, without tagline (JPG)


Please refer to the below boilerplate when referencing the Foundation:

College Futures Foundation envisions a California where postsecondary education advances racial, social, and economic equity, unlocking upward mobility now and for generations to come. Our mission is to increase postsecondary completion for learners who are underserved. We center learners and their aspirations and needs on the path to achieving their educational goals. 

Established in 2005, College Futures Foundation uses a wide variety of human and financial resources and tools—including its average endowment of over $500 million and approximately $20 million in grants annually—to accomplish its mission.  

College Futures Foundation: More graduates for a thriving California.  

Visit us at www.collegefutures.org