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Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

John W. Gardner Center will perform a landscape of the education outcomes, college attainment and other relevant contextual data in each region, and data-focused technical assistance to community foundations participating in College Futures Foundation’s Community Philanthropy initiative.

Bright Prospect

Support two years of scholarships for students from Bright Prospect’s high school graduating class of 2015 (46 new scholarships in AY 2015-16 and 25 renewal scholarships in AY 2016-17); and 22 one-year renewal scholarships for continuing college-enrolled students from Bright Prospect’s graduating class of 2014 in academic year 2016-17.

California Community Foundation

Grant to provide operating support for the Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund (LASIF), including planning, grantmaking, and raising donor funds for need-based scholarships that increase post-secondary success among low-income students in Los Angeles County.

East Bay College Fund

Support two-year need-based scholarships for 36 low-income students from East Bay College Fund’s high school graduating class of 2015, and persistence services for students at targeted postsecondary institutions in academic year 2016-17.

Education and Leadership Foundation

This two-year grant will provide support for 32 new two-year need-based scholarships from the high school graduating class of 2015, and a financial aid advising program at six target high schools with stipends for 12 student ambassadors in AY 2016-17.

Educational Results Partnership

Grant to Educational Results Partnership to: (1) launch a college readiness dashboard, including communications materials development and training for grantees and K-12 school districts, and make technical improvements for the dashboard version 2.0; and (2) increase outreach for participation in Cal-PASS Plus.

Harder+Company Community Research

This grant will support Harder+Company to evaluate SoCal CAN’s Level Up program.

Kern Community Foundation

Support for one year scholarships in AY 2015-16 for approximately 40 new students graduating high school in 2015 from Youth 2 Leaders Education Foundation and their partner programs, including Educational Talent Search and Migrant Region V; and to pilot a common scholarship application process in the region.

National College Access Network

For technical assistance and training on need-based strategic scholarships and college and financial aid advising services to community foundations participating in the Community Philanthropy Initiative.